Turning Conflict to Completion

Turning Conflict to Completion

This is one of my personal grid boards.  It quickly climbed the charts as one of my favorites to work with.

In searching for something for one of my boys I came upon a picture of this grid that I took when I first created it, I can see and feel the pure energy and purpose of it still in these pictures.

Immediately, I knew it was significant and did some more searching to find the channeling I wrote on the back of my board and further knew that this energy and intention was significant in the space we are currently in.

I will continue to sit with and tune in to this board, seems a little muddy like it’s been working overtime for me, so I plan to cleanse and reset it… And feel a piece of writing just scratching the surface of my thoughts which are fitting to some things which have been arising as well.

Not sure if there’s enough time to do all that I wish to before work, so I thought I would put these photos out, as maybe they can be of service to someone out there….

Wishing all much love and success in finding your own Truths.

May we each have the clarity to turn our Conflicts to Completion.

Much love,

~  Cat, April 9, 2018  (4+9+2018=24=6 = Universal Love!) 

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