Healing My Inner Kitten

An excerpt from my journal writings a few years ago that I somehow came across this morning, unexpected and in the strangest place, but pertinent as always to this moment in time as I truly step in to all the many aspects of me. Healing of the inner child, reclamation of power. Maybe you can relate:
While having coffee this morning the thoughts came in… Quite a few. It occurs to me that I feel as though most of my life, family, social circles, etc… that I was either invisible, or basically that my thoughts, words & feelings were unimportant, wrong, foolish, unwanted. Why I started to ‘want’ to be invisible and unheard. & I gave, and continued to give, my power away.
To husbands, teachers, family members, ‘gurus’. Who I trusted with my life decisions and needed consent or approval before moving forward.
I called all these lessons, right? First off, thank you. To all of you who played your role to help me learn. Also, the solar plexus and sacral chakra connection… I have had more than 3 years (or a lifetime!) of issues or blockages in this area. Of course, undiagnosed and docs all say I am perfectly healthy but, here, take a pill….
The power center, creative and connectivity center…
Reclamation of my power.
After speaking about this it seemed so clear. (or at least the following morning)…
I have chosen the victim role. I have given away my power.
It is time to finally, and truly, own it. I begin today.
I accept my strength, for myself, my children, and any others whom I serve.
I am committed to myself in developing yet more strength & in honing in on finding my own way, blending joy & work together, finding respectful partners & a life partner, ,in support, in love, in understanding. Community.
I am further committed, with renewed strength & vibrancy, in helping my children to find and own their individuality, their power, their compassion, their love & how we each express ourselves both private and public. Living outwardly. Finding our joy and adventure!
I love that we can start anew. In any moment.
I ask my Masters, Angels and Guides, and those of my sons, Jesse & Dylan, to assist us in opening our hearts & minds, finding what we need, ease & support during trials, bonded together with love & patience.
Thank you! ❤️ I love you.
~ Cat

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