Morning Ritual

Journal Entry

March 13, 2017

Today’s journal entry & Random Thought from the Shower:
The importance of my daily morning ritual
Many months ago, I would say at least 6, I was ‘given’ a phrase by Master Jesus: “Head & heart connected, Spleen protected, Sealed in the Blood, and the Love, of Christ. ”
Spoken while ‘anointing’ myself w/Frankincense (occasionally another oil, but usually Fr.) in specific locations of my body:
Third eye, heart, l/r ribs (spleen), wrists, top of feet.
I take my shower & cleanse, washing stagnation, muck, obstacles, down the drain. Then seal & bless, echoing the thought lately to ‘Cleanse & clear’, and on to my ‘anointing’ & Jesus’ verse.
Sometimes I am guided on to other prayers, breath, body movement, action, etc…
& though I am certain that the Universal energies enhance & support my progress, I also need to acknowledge that I followed my inner urgings, I listened to my gut & to Master Jesus at that.
& that, by simple intention, thought & feeling, done consistently, I have seen/am seeing such deep & impactful results & karmic completion.
I feel this just as clearly as I was given the verse & knew what to do with it.
Thank you.  I love you. I love me.

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