“Here he is, Charlie, the brightest spark in the Universe”

So, I was awoken in the night, mid-dream, to my friend Georgia, speaking to me: “Here he is, Charlie, the brightest spark in the Universe”, as an introduction to someone (I thought a guide) that I never saw, because my pup, Max, was also trying to get my attention by scratching the side of my bed.
And now, sitting here, having coffee before starting my day, specific past lives begin making their way through my mind.. haven’t thought of them, or regression at all, in what feels like a year now…
This clicks a memory to share with Georgia, the events of last night…
So I go to FB to share, and up pops this memory… pictures that I found that relate to a past life of mine, in France. My shoppe was on this street. Researching the events and time period brought me to find these pics and they seriously blew me away.

Even better, I’ll be heading out for a refresher course in Master Teacher training for Reiki for the duration of the weekend….
Always get some serious adjustments during attunements…
Wondering what is in store for me and excited to begin!
Let’s get it goin’ on!
Thank you!   

My friend looked up Charlie:

The most amazing guy in the world. He knows how to make a girl feel good about herself, and would do anything he could to make her happy. He would never try to hurt a girl, or anyone for that matter. He is sweet, sensitive, caring, outgoing, courageous, funny, sexy, gorgeous, everything that a girl would want him to be. He is an exetremely sexy man, with a hot ass body. He knows the right things to say to a girl whenever she is feeling sad, and he will stick with her no matter what. He fights for the people he cares about, and he doesn’t back down. He is the sweetest guy you will EVER meet in your life.

~  Cat, February 18, 2017



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