Divine Mother, pray for us

Divine Mother, pray for us <3
Mother wounds. The feminine aspect. Equality and feelings of worthiness.
These are absolutely in the forefront of American culture, and in others around the world.
Please, if you will, take a moment to send love to your own heart. To your Mother, Grandmother, and all women who surround you locally, globally. Most especially to our sons and daughters.

These transitions are necessary, & though they may not be pleasant, they are bringing us to better days.
Those of us retaining Mother Wounds may not have even thought it to be the source of our doubt or hesitancy to embark into the world, successful & confident.
Clearly many of us are feeling the need to usher this in and heal these long standing wounds.
It is my understanding that this may be just one of an underlying catalyst prompting change toward a more balanced individual & society.

My wish is that we each see ourselves as beautiful, capable, and strong. That we teach our children the same. That we give thanks to those who came before us, as no matter how they taught us… they played the role that we requested of them out of their undying love for us.
My love to all   

~  Cat, January 23, 2017


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